Oh wine, the drink of the gods and heroes. The one drink that nourishes your soul and if the ancient Greeks had a whole cult around it I don’t see the reason why you should not have a glass or two every once in awhile.


More useful than you might think

Kuvée is the first and only bottle in the world that will keep your wine fresh to up to 30 days. As they say “your last glass of wine is just as great as your fist”. So when you get home from work and you want a glass of wine you can have just one – you will not waste the rest of the bottle as the Kuvée will keep it fresh for you.


The actual bottle is really amazing- it incorporates today’s technology to make sure your wine experience is the best one possible. It has a touch screen smart label, it is wifi enabled and it has a RFID chip that signals the smart bottle which wine is in use, the shelf life and how many glasses are remaining. The bottles are made recyclable aluminium and the are much lighter than regular ones.

The way to use this amazing system is to choose a Kuvée wine from your collection and click it in the Kuvée bottle and pour yourself a glass. The wines come in 750ml like the regular kind. You can order the wine online and they will be delivered to your door, you don’t even have to leave the house to get your wine. And the smart bottle learns what you like and recommends similar wines for you to try. You can even order new wines through the touch screen on the bottle.