Dear guys, come with me on a tour of the planet’s best burgers. I prepared a list of really fast food restaurants where you can find the most delicious and maybe some bizarre burgers.

1. New York’s Burger and Barrel

NY’S Burger and Barrel serves celebrated burgers. Don’t miss the taste of the signature “Bash Style Burger”, considered one of the city’s best burgers. This famous burger has won NY Food & Wine Festivals Event five times.

2. Queenstown’s funky Fergburger, New Zealand

I can’t make up my mind and say which one sounds more delicious: Kiwi burger or Little Bambi Fiordland venison burger, Codfather or Cockadoodle Oink. Each one of them won’t disappoint you. Just go and make your mouth happy.

3. Morroco’s Cafeclock and its camel burger

Camel meat is frequently used in Arabic cuisine. So why don’t you visit Marrakesh and try Cafeclock’s delicacy the burger made of camel meat.

4. The Atomic fallout burger at The Atomic Burger, Bristol

Hot! Hot! Hot! Don’t go to Mexico or Sri Lanka if you want to try the spiciest burgers. Your option should undoubtedly be a restaurant in Bristol where guests have to wear protective gloves, sign a legal disclaimer and prove that they are over 18.

5. Vegetarian burger, Singapore

If you prefer vegetables to meat and you don’t like killing animals in order to make food your choice should be Veganburg in Singapore. Burgers’ main ingredients here are soya and mushrooms, pineapple and satay sauce. This sounds perfect even if you are not vegan fan.


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