The punching bag of cocktails was the Dirty Martini. You can understand why. A classic martini is an orchestral composition of traumatic finely tuned finesse from its creator. You might have gotten an eye roll for ordering it at the bar. There may have been whispers about „losing desirable vermouth”. And, yes, it’s no longer as if the Dirty Martini has suddenly become the golden child of cocktails. However, there may be a positive quantity of new appreciation for someone who knows how to make a dirty martini, and if what they care about is a Dirty Martini, so be it.

It takes guts not to order a Dirty Martini but also to drink one. It’s as briny and salty as the sea, and it’s disgustingly delicious, with that cloudy swirl of olive juice attacking your taste buds. But you require a Dirty Martini and only a Dirty Martini. It’s the same as wishing for a can of salt and vinegar Pringles. Nothing will suffice until you have them. If the yearning has overwhelmed you, here’s a recipe for a Dirty Martini. If you prefer, you can substitute vodka for the gin. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the olives.

What exactly is a Dirty Martini? 

One of the most well-known cocktails of all time is the Dry Martini. From the inspiration from another 1860 cocktail called Martinez. The first printed recipe for a martini dates back to 1888, but it resembled the Martinez more than it does today. The drink evolved into its current form in the 1920s and has remained iconic. The Dry Martini is an official cocktail on the International Bartenders Association’s IBA list, which means it has an official definition. A splash of olive brine is to the Dirty Martini. A dirty martini contains the following ingredients:

  • gin
  • vermouth (dry)
  • a brine of olives (liquid from the carafe)
  • garnished with olives

What is the best dirty martini made with gin?

There’s an age-old debate over whether to make a martini with gin or vodka. Here’s how to make a dirty martini in the ideal method:

Using gin to make a martini: 

In our opinion, the taste of a gin martini vs. a vodka martini was unmistakably superior. Why? The flavor is intriguing and botanical, and it is perfectly balanced with the subtle flavor of dry vermouth. You can’t even save a vodka martini with olive brine.

Don’t waste your time with a vodka martini! 

A vodka martini tastes like bitter water with a spicy, alcoholic aftertaste because vodka has almost no flavor. Defend whatever you want (please let us know in the comments!). But, for us, you’d be better off drinking straight vodka.

Method to make a perfect dirty martini

Simple method on how to make a dirty martini:

STEP 1: 

Chill two martini glasses in the refrigerator. Set aside two cocktail skewers with the olives threaded on them.


Fill a pitcher or mixing glass halfway with ice, and add gin, vermouth, and olive brine. Stir until the jar’s exterior is cool to the touch. Taste it to ensure that it is chilled and that the dilution is satisfactory.

STEP 3: 

Strain the mixture into the chilled glasses and garnish with the olive skewers.

Make sure to surprise your friends next time and turn that boring party with boring drinks into a newfound and gleeful place of elegance.