When you say Volcano Grill, it can create a huge amount of idealistic images. In layman’s terms, it can create a wonderful idea of a volcano exploding perfectly cooked bacon everywhere. However, the actual product isn’t too far off! It doesn’t explode bacon, but many of the reviews for the product are quite generous.

This versatile stove is perfect for camping or cooking in the backyard. It’s light-weight design is suited for portability, so dragging across the country to a campground in the Rocky Mountains is no big issue. It uses three different fuel possibilities as well. So if you can’t find propane to use for the grill, Wood or charcoal will work just as easily. The reason behind the fuel versatility is the shape of the pit.

With the shape of the pit being one that funnels the smoke upward and outwards, you don’t need to worry about the way you need to cook your food either. The shape allows for several different cooking types. Whether you’re looking to Grill, Dutch oven, wok, bake, roast, fry or just have an old fashioned fire pit you don’t need to fear.

Just to add one more bonus to an already awesome package. This already portable grill collapses down to a 5 inch tall piece. So whether you need a portable fire place or a solid camping grill, you’re going to get all your needs filled with this useful piece. The Volcano Camping Grill is available on amazon, buy it here!

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