Turn Your Bucket, Into a Party in Itself

We’ve all got one. A bucket that we just never seem to use, sitting at the back of your pantry, storehouse or garage. That thing is just sitting there…judging you for not using it to its full potential.

Suddenly your phone rings, it’s your friend Craig. He’s throwing a party, and you totally HAVE to come! So you start running around your house looking for a cooler, but you can’t find one. What if…you could turn that useless thingĀ INTO a cooler for your friends party?

Dakine, a company based in Oregon, has recently released a cover called the Party Bucket. Basically the way it works, is you slide the cover over it. You then fill said bucket with ice and dump a bunch of your favorite beverages and zip it closed. As an added bonus, you can add 8 MORE drinks in the cubby holders around the cover.

Basically the cover insulates it in such a way that converts itĀ into a cold compress. On top of converting it into a cooler, it also has a bottle opener (for your glass bottles of pop of course). And of course, you have two awesome colors to choose from, tan and gray. As an added addition, it also includes an insulated pocket for a bottle of wine for you to bring along.

So the next time you’re scrambling to find a cooler, just pick up a Dakine Party Bucket to turn that useless silver bucket into the next party favor!