“I have a busy day ahead so why not treat my taste buds to a quick BBQ at home?” said no one ever. The whole ordeal of gathering supplies to start a BBQ and the actual process of setting it up makes it an unappealing endeavor for the smartphone generation, unless they have some guests over.

Once the grill is setup, other headaches take over. There is almost always too much ash, and the charcoal often leaves a bland aftertaste. Then there is the evergreen problem of the meat being overcooked or underdone. Cleaning up afterwards is a punishment that I wouldn’t want to inflict on even my worst enemies.

This whole tribulation sets the stage nicely for the crowdfunding genie to help us out and grant one of our three wishes. Enter ASMOKE: a versatile grill that uses pure, natural applewood pallets that not only add smoky undertones to the meat above but also burn clean and leave less ash behind.

How does it work?

This magic grill makes the whole process as easy as pie:

  1. Load the grill’s hopper with ASMOKE’s all-natural applewood pellets;
  2. Set the desired temperature on the digital control board;
  3. Grill, smoke or start baking right away!

“Just three steps? Surely, you must be kidding?” No, we’re not! “Yes, you are!” No! Pinky swear! ASMOKE comes with an automatic feeding and ignition system that requires little to no setup.

Faster and hotter

ASMOKE’s efficient pallets can burn faster and stay hotter for longer times, resulting in more BBQ with lesser consumption. Once you have set up your pallets bag and set a desired temperature, you no longer need to repeat yourself as the auto pellet reloader does the job for you, leaving you with more time to perfect your grilling recipes and less time doing the reloads.

Beauty with brains

This grill comes with a colorful interface that includes a temperature knob ranging from 180°F to 500°F and a programmable meat probe port that helps you cook your BBQ precisely the way you want, without having to worry about smouldering your masterpiece.

ASMOKE is built with premium, quality grade material which makes it a cinch to clean up. By design, it also includes a side bucket that collects oil and grease, leaving the surrounding surface clean and spotless.

How much does it cost?

You can order your ASMOKE pellet grill for $150 USD. If you are planning to start grilling right away, you might also need to order a bag of Applewood pellets at $25 USD per 20lb bag. Hurry up, as the project is 3631% funded and already in production stage.