Compact and portable. These are the words I’d use to describe Roccbox, a new stone bake oven made available for us, a little piece of ingeniosity which can measure its utility whener you decide to leave town, knowing that wherever you go, your luggage doesn’t have to be the maine issue at hand. It takes no more than 2kg, measuring 53cm in length, 47cm in height and 41cm in width. You can propel it using wood or gas, and a smoker is promised to be released soon. The time required for that action is said to be somewhere around 15 minutes, but I hold my doubts on that. Also the creators take pride on the idea of a waterproof stainless steel, sourrounded by protective silicone jacket.


Think about cooking a pizza in less than 3 minutes, you can spread that thought to fish, meats, vegetables or even some desserts. You recieve the pizza peel and a recipe book. Underneath its floor there is a thermometer designed to show the temperatures on an easy to read heat dial, assuring you the safest methods and highest quality standards of control. Take note that you can get it up to 500 celsius degrees. I ask myself how much does it consume, a fact not to neglect should one consider using it while traveling.  You can find it on grass green or stone grey. As a design, on the whole, in my opinion is a cool piece of manufactory, but you can make up your mind on that.

Here’s some pictures for you to get a taste of it, a fine selection of the things it can do: