The Boston Beer Company recently revealed the introduction of HARD MTN DEW®, providing the renowned soft drink an additional (21+) kick. This is wonderful news for the beer industry.

Each can have a 5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) content and is available in single-serving sizes of 24 ounces or in a “Mix Pack” size that comprises 12 ounces of each flavor, including MTN DEW®, Baja Blast®, Black Cherry, and Watermelon.

Not only do consumers enjoy the taste of MTN DEW, but the soft drink was originally developed to be a mixer for spirits, thus the two drinks go well together. The Boston Beer Company’s updated version of the Dew is a healthier option than some of its sugar-heavy rivals because it has just 100 calories per serving and no added sugar or caffeine. What about the taste, though?

We’re pleased to say that they’ve nailed it, paying homage to the originals in a way that will be identifiable to aficionados of the soft drink while giving it the type of pleasantly bitter bite that beer lovers appreciate. But there’s a catch: for the time being, HARD MTN DEW is only offered in Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa, with other states following shortly after.

According to Stanford, the core customer group is primarily filled with young men in their mid-30s and younger who like hunting, fishing, and playing video games. The company has successfully targeted these groups in the past by introducing a variety of affinity goods, such as Mtn Dew Game Fuel and camouflage soda cans.

The distribution of Hard Mtn Dew might be slower than fans would prefer, despite its historic release. According to Stanford, these lulls are mostly caused by the regulations governing alcohol delivery, which vary from state to state, and each demand that alcohol distributors get certain federal permissions and commercial licenses.

The ads for Hard Mountain Dew will air on streaming, the internet, and social media in the areas where it is presently available, but the campaign is anticipated to grow as new states are added.


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