TikTok is very entertaining and helpful with boredom, it can help with learning funny dances on the internet. However, it’s not so excellent for other things, like diet recommendations. On the platform, there are many popular nutrition trends. Should you embrace them?

Here are what other nutritionist sources have to say about these dietary or food combo challenges. It is ok to do some as a laugh but is it worth it if it harms you?

Frozen honey seems like the least harmful challenge yet. Do you know what frozen honey is all about? It entails putting honey in a bottle, freezing it, then taking a squeeze and consuming it. Although this cuisine craze seems harmless and delicious, there are some issues, according to sources. First off, excessive honey consumption might damage your teeth. Additionally, it may result in weight gain. Third, the liver is responsible for the metabolism of fructose, the kind of sugar found in honey, which can be dangerous if you have liver disease. But as with any food out there, it will be fine if you consume it from time to time or in small quantities.

Influencers talk about the advantages of consuming ginger shots for gut health, which are currently all the rage on TikTok. Many of these statements, according to sources, are not supported by science. Even worse, not everyone enjoys ginger shots. Although they are generally safe to use, pregnant women shouldn’t be doing this challenge at all!

Lastly the infamous weight loss potion! You guessed it—lemon juice and coffee. Influencers claim it can aid in weight loss and it has become highly popular on TikTok. But sources assert that there is no scientific evidence in favor of this. Save yourself the taste, and concentrate on eating a balanced diet and working out to lose weight.

Even though many of these trends seem fun or helpful do not proceed unless enough evidence is given. Researching as well beforehand could help to make sure.


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