[adsense300gray]If you own a pet, you’ll definitely be very happy to hear about the latest and greatest way to feed it if you’re away all day long. As you may know, it’s not really healthy for them to have tons of food at their discretion and it’s better to feed them at regular hours, a few times a day, for keeping them fit and healthy. But that’s not really possible if you have a busy lifestyle, is it ? Well, Pintofeed is here to the rescue! This brilliant device connects via wireless to your Android, Windows 8 or iOS based smartphone and allows you to feed your precious whenever you want to and also control the amount of food you want to be received by it.

If you worry about not having the possibility of connecting to it, Pintofeed can also be programmed to feed your pet at certain times and will notify you when it does so. Also, it offers information about the amount of food consumed by your pet and when it finished eating.

Pintofeed is really a wonderful solution for feeding your pet when you’re away, my girlfriend is already crazy about it, being the mother of two greedy cats. The technology from nowadays really enables us to do almost anything and makes our lives easier. I won’t be surprised if we’ll soon hear about a device that cleans your cat’s poop or anything like that.