So, its almost spring, its almost time to sit back on the patio, turn on the sprinkler, let the kids run through it, and have a drink. But what are you drinking? Water? Coke? Beer?

No… you’re a sophisticated man, your beard is natural and your hands are rough, you’re drinking a Single Malt. But which one? Don’t worry; there is a Single Malt out there for every type of man, no matter the bank account, no matter the weather, no matter the size of your patio. Let us be your guide to find the best Single Malt, patio drink, for you.

Fit for budget: Speyburn 10 Year Old

 The Spey is your oatly tasting Malt that has a little soft kick of honey and grain. The taste will make you feel as if you’ve been working on a farm all day and let the dust blow into your drink. This runs usually between the $30 – $40 range at the local wine and spirits.

Balcones Texas Single Malt

Our next little taste of heaven, or better yet, little taste of Texas, is “Balcones Texas Single Malt”. 

Now Balcones, much like Texas, is a different sort a malt. It’s a bit darker than most and is really known for its Sweetness in taste.

The flavour is a standout amongst the others and the 53% alcohol volume gives it a for sure kick. This will set you back around $100-$110 but will definitely taste that much too.

Strong: Highland Park Odin

Now, you’ve just landed a sweet deal , you just got that Christmas bonus, or you finally won the best that the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t make it to the Superbowl and you’ve got some green burning holes in your pockets. Well my friend, let me introduce you to my friend “ Highland Park Odin”. 

Highland Park is a Sweet, 56% alcohol, put you to bed type of Malt. With its very strong Peated taste, it’ll be sure to make you crave more.  This will set you back between $200- $210, but who cares, you won the bet.

Next step: Bowmore 25YO

OH, so you drive that new truck, you own that business, you’ve worked hard for what you have and want to taste that in your Malt?

Look No further than “Bowmore 25 Year Old”. Bowmore is both a confusing and amazing Malt.

Bowmore hits your taste buds with a spicy peat taste, but flows into a sweet, almost dessert hazelnut, dipped in lemon and hit with a splash of oranges taste that has “fancy dessert” written all over it.

Compare it to a Crème Brule that will cost you about $336.