The Norwegians know that bringing your own lunch is vital when food is too expensive in town (which is more than often true in the Scandinavian peninsula). Norway-based Unika brings you the best way of storing and transporting your food to work, when going on hikes or just because you want to give your sandwich a nice home before drowning it in acid and digesting it. Colorful, occupying minimal space and looking good, the FoodSkin flexible lunchbox will fit any type of sandwich, regardless of how many layers of bacon you decided to put between the bread slices.

[adsense300gray]Once closed, this pocket of nutrients will look a little like that thing from Alien, but it’s okay. You know better. You know that it’s keeping your precious safe. The flexible silicon skin will maintain the freshness of the food, perfectly fitting anything. Not to mention that it’s flat when empty, so you save up a lot of space in your briefcase. Hooray for minimalism.

foodskin_11_1   foodskin_9_1