Face it: Starbucks coffee is fancy but not necessarily good. Regardless of the number of flavors available, you might not find the exact match for you. That’s where home coffee brewing comes into play. Here’s the Kelvin home coffee roaster. It promises to help you find new flavors, reduce waste and even save money!

So, new flavors?

Kelvin comes as a complete coffee roasting system. It includes bean delivery to your doorstep, so you can experiment at home. By adjusting bean origin, flavor, roasting time and blends, you get to make a coffee just for you. Furthermore, coffee roasting sounds therapeutical, doesn’t it?

Also, it is important to note: fresh beans hold for longer than roasted beans. Unroasted beans will stay fresh for weeks at a time. You may build a supply and not worrying about refilling every week.

Money saver

Professional coffee roasting can double or even triple the price of beans. So why not roast at home? Kelvin allows you to roast to your taste and also save quite a bunch on coffee beans. Check out the pic below:

Saving almost $220 a year sounds good, right? Especially since you can get the Kelvin home roaster for $267, including 6lb (2.7kg) of premium unroasted coffee beans.