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80’s Traveling Whiskey Bar For Sale

The pesky thing about being an expert on something is that unless you have that said talent on hand, it can make you look pretentious as you have no way to back up your words. For some skillsets, you have the ability to just bring said proof with you. After all, you can always grab juggling balls and stick them in your pockets, and that online blog that’s mostly pictures of cats is always just a couple of button presses away thanks to smartphones. But what about those who’ve a passion for the delicious and smooth taste of whiskey? For them, they need to start thinking outside the box…or maybe, inside the box! Enter the Louis Vuitton Traveling Whiskey Bar!

This classic piece was a staple for the company back in the 80’s,  and recently, one of these truly rare relics went up online for sale at 1stdibs. The Case in question has a gorgeous golden leather exterior, with all the implements inside being stamped with the famous Louis Vuitton symbol that marks its authenticity. On top of that, each of the crafted pieces are made from a striking Sterling Silver and crisp glass that even the least antiquated whiskey drinker can admire. The interior of said case even stands out on its own with a remarkable moss green color that helps each piece stand on its own and at the same time makes it all feel tied together!

If this sounds like something you need in your life, you better be johnny on the spot! These antiques don’t come on the market very often anymore, as their final selling date was in 1989. This one in particular is a real gem, as it’s in mint condition, and even that is a rare feature in and of itself.

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