„Cook anything under the sun” using this sustainable, solar-powered grill. Environmentally friendly (it doesn’t need any fuel, it heats up quick, zero emissions,) the Solsource grill is able to cook a big meal in a matter of minutes. Designed and tested with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau, you know it’s a great deal. Not only does it help Himalayan families to eat cooked food using zero power, it also withstands sand storms, wind, snow, and -40 degree temperatures. It’s powerful, versatile and durable, being able to hold up to 40 lbs and withstand the wrath of the elements. Not to mention that it’s 100% recyclable and oh-so-easy to use. Just find a sunny spot and start frying those burgers. Camping will never be the same again. (In a good way.)

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