People say something ages like wine, but whiskey definitely has the better part of this. Whether it is 12 year old, 16 or 18, longer aged whiskey brings higher aromas into the mix. Glenfarclas takes it all to , not the next but the 100th level.

63 YO Whiskey

The Pagoda Sapphire Reserve is a 63 year old whiskey, it is the final piece of the Pagoda Gearcase collection. There was no better way to present the whiskey of such value, other than stashing it inside a sapphire, jewel filled decanter.

Three editions of the 63YO scotch are proposed by Glenfarclas. The 700ml bottle comes at $29,500 and 180 units and the 1.5L, $62,250 units will go to just 63 enthusiasts. The third iteration, the 1.5L Magnum Collector’s Gold Edition will be released in just 45 pieces and sold for $69,580.

Deep pockets

There’s no hiding behind the finger. You’ll need to dig deep in your bank account to get one of these bottles. However, you are not paying just for the spirit. As good as the whiskey is, the crystal decanters, designed by Glencairn Crystal Studio steal the spotlight.

A dark blue colorway compliments the sapphires and beautifully engulfs the Chinese Guardian lions on the sides.

The 63YO Glenfarclas whiskey is available on the company website as well as on the Whiskey Exchange.