In a constant race with Scottish and Japanese whiskey industry, American whiskey-making companies have to be innovative and imaginative. They don’t follow strict American tradition.
Hispotion represents top 5 American Single Malt that are unique in their style and high-quality.

#1 Colkegan Single Malt

Colkegan Single Malt has that unique flavor that is influenced by a barrel-aging process that takes place 7,000 feet above sea level in the high desert. Its hint of smoke is smooth and balanced. This single malt is also known as misquite smoked whiskey. Santa Fe Spirits’ Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey is made entirely from malted barley.

#2 Balcones Texas Single Malt

American Single Malt owns a lot to Balcones Distilling that began in 2010 out of Waco, Texas. Balcones Texas Single Malt is actually the combination of many small series aged separately in small barrels outdoors for two to three years. And that is why their Texas Single Malt is a so big, dark, malty and mellow. Balcones is obviously sweeter and darker than the other whiskeys. It’s got strong notes of honey, caramel, and fruits.

#3 Westward

Westward whiskey has been produced by House Spirits Distillery company in Portland Oregon since 2012. Westward combines local barley with ale yeast for a distinctive flavor. If you have $50 for a 375ml bottle, you will be one of those who will always enjoy this unique flavor. While drinking it vanilla, alcohol and copper scent is noticeable. It is combined with peaty and smoky notes that make this Malt traditional American Single Malt.

#4 Westland Peated Single Malt

Matt Hofmann has founded Westland Distillery with his high school best friend Emerson Lamb with a focus on gin and whiskey. Their commitment to latter made high-quality of their bottling. Their peated single malt stands as an unfamiliar twist on a familiar style. Having light color, this whiskey is the closest to the Scottish single malts with its mild peat smoke among creamy notes of agave and tequila, before ending with a little spice and leather. If you are a fan of Scotch, this American Single Malt should be your #1 choice.

#5 Hillrock

Master Distiller Dave Pickerell produced this whiskey in the Hudson Valley. Hillrock is totally home-made whiskey. They grow and malt their own barley and fill each bottle by hand. They control all aspects of their product by themselves. Hillrock is so similar to Westward, but it stands out for its strong peat flavors, the subtle sweetness of the malt and wood, before finishing with a rye spiciness.


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