Pumping iron until your biceps and triceps are about to explode isn’t the sole ingredient in building a Schwarzenegger-like physique. While intensive debates and constant contradictions are held in the gym and between top fitness instructors regarding what’s the best training position, they all agree on the fact that without proper meals, all training is basically flushed out the toilet.

That being said, you may want to check these 3 high protein foods recommended to be consumed after training. Having a protein intake after working out refills amino-acid levels in your body, thus allowing muscle to recover and grow faster, while in the same time reducing muscle sore.

 1. Beef and squash with marinara


If you’re the kind of workout freak who’s not willing to settle for anything else but the maximum weight, then your appetite is sure to follow up on your routine. In order to calm that growling stomach, cook up 250 grams of grass-fed beef with only salt and pepper. Cook a full butternut squash for about 35 to 40 minutes, then add it over the beef, complimenting with your personal choice of marinara sauce.

2. Eggs (scrambled)


Shouldn’t this be a breakfast? Actually yes, but protein doesn’t count hours or sunrises. Get four full eggs and another two egg whites then scramble them together. Add one cup of chopped vegetables such as onions, spinach, mushrooms or red peppers. For an even larger protein intake, compliment the dish with some low-fat bacon, such as turkey. You will develop a great low-carb high-protein meal using this combination.

3. Chicken and Sweet potato


Get a hold of a large piece of already cooked chicken breast; about 250 grams will do the trick. Either cup it or throw it like it is in a pan where you have previously added olive oil. Ad half a cup of diced potatoes and half a cup of diced apples, then throw cinnamon and salt according to your personal taste. There, you’ve built a gourmet-style muscle recovery feast.

Do you have one of your own post-workout recipe? We’d love to hear it. Make sure you let us know in the comments below!