Macallan is at it one more time. Known for delivering some of the best whiskeys out there, the brand reveals a 72 year old Aurelian liquor. And as you may very well expect, the bottle doesn’t come cheap. It is literally worth its weight in gold. And we mean literally.

The Genesis Decanter holds one of the best whiskeys out there, from all times. The release comes as to celebrate the opening of a $190 million brand new distillery. The Genesis Decanter was also distilled in one of world’s best distilleries.

Just by taking a few glances, it gets obvious: the Macallan 72 year-old whiskey is not just a drink. Together with the decanter and the box, the whiskey comes together to provide a work of art. There’s a bespoke wooden carrying case with a curved roof that covers the decanter. These along other elements strongly point towards the Wonka factory.

The whiskey was distilled back in the 40s. Since then, the scotch was left untouched. Now, Macallan brings on to sale some of the 600 bottled decanters. Inside, the whiskey boasts a sweet oak and soft vanilla taste, typical for any Macallan product.

Want one? Let me be the first one to say you’ve got an expensive taste. You can get one off the storage for $60.000.


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