Bourbon has its own following. It also has its own carefully cultivated slang, which may seem a bit amusing to connoisseurs of the other golden, grain-fermented drink: scotch whiskey.

If you prefer bourbon over any other drink, you got to know the words; words that  will elevate your standing from mere drinker to master drinker.

Bourbon Slang: 3 Essential Words

It is not enough to drink the drink, you need to talk the talk as well. These 3 words are essential for that:

  • Honey Hole

This has nothing to do with either honey or hole. What it refers to is a liquor store that holds high-value bourbon brands and sells them at retail price. Such stores are usually located outside the crowded urban zones.

  • Unicorn

The holy grail for bourbon enthusiasts. A unicorn is the title given to bottles that are hard to find and even harder to purchase, if you do find them. Owning such a bourbon will certainly make you the king among followers.

  • Taters

In other words, hipsters who pretend to maintain a keen interest in the fine drink and its unique culture when they are actually looking to get their hands on premium brands and sell them off for a neat profit. In other words, most millennials.