You don’t need us to tell you that High West Distillery in Park City, Utah, the state’s only licensed distillery since 1870, is among the best if you’re an expert on fine spirits. You might not be aware that Campfire ($80), one of the distiller’s most cherished seasonal offerings, has returned to store shelves throughout the country.

The popular spirit was only offered in Utah last year, but High West has now chosen to make it accessible across the country in response to strong consumer demand.

The flavorful beverage is a combination of scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskeys with ages ranging from four to 15 years and is bottled at 46 percent alcohol by volume.

The flavors of Campfire whiskey include waves of Asian pear, s’mores, burned almond toffee, mocha, tobacco, balsam fir needles, macadamia nut, and the eponymous woodsmoke “from a long-forgotten campfire.” It is best enjoyed neat or with a few splashes of water. In the end, you’ll taste molasses, toasted marshmallows, and spiced gingerbread.

In conjunction with this announcement, High West is unveiling its “Protect the West” program, a $1 million pledge made over the following three years to protect the region and its population by aiding groups that work to prevent wildfires, combat climate change, and preserve natural lands.

The three-year commitment, according to Daniel Schear, general manager of High West, is necessary because “the West and all we love about it is facing more and more risk.”

“Severe droughts are expanding in our backyard, temperatures are increasing, and snowpacks are dwindling. We can’t just watch from the sidelines, so with this $1 million pledge, we’re stepping up our efforts to Protect the West.

As part of its first $150,000 commitment, High West will also donate $50,000 to the American Prairie Nature Reserve and $50,000 to the Protect Our Winters organization, in addition to the $50,000 designated for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

Grab a bottle of Campfire while supplies last because Schear says it is one of the whiskey team’s greatest creations.  Raise a glass to America’s untamed landscape instead, and feel good about helping a company that wants future generations to be able to appreciate these stunning places.


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