The Next Level Beverage Cooler

You’re sitting in the tree-stand, been up there for hours. Suddenly the stand collapses, and you and all your gear falls to the ground. You sit there, stunned for a minute, then check yourself and your supplies for any damage. Other then some scuffs and some relatively unimportant things broken, there isn’t too much damage on anything. But, One thing that is totally destroyed unfortunately is your cooler.

So, suddenly, you’re in the market for a new cooler? Why not give the Hopper Flip a try? The Hopper Flip is the newest model designed be the cooling engineering company YETI, which started in 2006 and has taken the utmost care in developing product based on consumer needs.

So obviously, this is a company that likes to push it own limits, and they’ve lived up to that reputation with the Hopper Flip. This cooler is space oriented, lightweight, and manages to maintain it’s durability even with the easy opening zipper at the top of the cooler. But what’s really impressive is it’s puncture resistant hide. The hide makes sure that you won’t ever have to worry about a blade stabbing through the Hopper and destroying your beer.

The compact design also allows it to be extremely portable. No more lugging around a massive cooler that you really don’t need, This handy little gadget can easily just be carried on your arm, and last for huge periods at a time. So whether you’re out at a sporting event all day, driving across country or sitting in a tree stand for hours, you never have to worry about your drinks!