People are absolutely crazy about coffee. Think about it, they depend on it, they lack the ability to focus before they have it and use it to keep them going. Shoot, they even have people who are so dependent on it, they slam multiple cups a day. So of course, Fellow, a coffee company, had to come along and raise the stakes. They officially built the most useful coffee maker yet. Right now, the company is running a Kickstarter for their electric kettle, the Stagg EKG.

With a simple turn of the dial, you set the temperature of your coffee higher or lower. You don’t have to eyeball or guess either, after all, they have the temperature listed on a little screen on the base of the kettle. This is just scratching the surface as well, as this thing as much more to offer.

They have an app that you can install on your phone that allows you to turn the kettle on and off and set the temperature you want as well. As a result, It gives you the chance to take care of your stuff out of the house and come back to freshly made coffee. How much cooler can you get with this?