If you’re my kind of person and like to think about the health of our Mother Earth from time to time, the following product might just bring a smile on your face due to its purpose and method of gaining it. Especially if you’re a beer fan. I’m talking about the earth cooler from eCool, a clever product meant to take care of your beers and keep them nice and cool for allowing you to enjoy them at their best. And it does that while also respecting our environment.

[adsense300gray]The earth cooler does what its name probably suggests: it cools down your beverages by using the depth of the ground for doing so. It has a height of 113 cm and up to 30 cm in diameter, having a weight of 12 kg. All it needs is a hole in your backyard (or anywhere else near your home) which can be drilled or simply manually created, although the latter choice will require some patience and a shovel, of course. You can install it and keep it like that all year round, as it’s protected from frosting.

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