Not to sound pretentious, but it’s hard not to feel rather amazing when you try craft beer. But in a world where it’s easy to compare beer to anything heavenly, what happens when you try beer from the heaven themselves? As a result of the sometimes challenging landscape of craft beer, it can make it hard to brew new beer. However, that didn’t stop Innis and Gunn, two brewmasters from Scotland. To keep pushing the boundaries, they’ve decided not to wait for the water to hit the ground before collecting it. Instead, they went straight to the source, the sky above them.

They sent a balloon into the sky, strapped a filter system to it to convert the clouds into water. Afterward, as it came down, they kept it all in bigger tanks, which they then bring back to the brewery. From the batch of water, they were able to make about 500 beers. Unfortunately, it seems as though they won’t be making more. Why is it happens, getting bear from the sky is not a simple process. It also is quite expensive, but regardless, Scotland is currently selling their batch. If you’re looking for the newest craft beer unlike any other, try SkyPA!

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