So, why exactly would anyone want a spur gear inside their gin bottle? For one, it looks awesome! Secondly, it looks awesome (duh!) without actually changing the taste of the drink. Motorcycle restorer and parts dealer Uwe Ehinger came up with the brilliant idea.

The liquor is carrying his nickname, the “Archeologist”. Ehinger got the nickname due to the fact that he is travelling the world searching for Harley parts. There are currently three bottles available: 1939 Flathead, 1947 Knucklehead, and 1962 Panhead.

Each bottle comes with an authentic Harley Davidson part. A leaflet accompanies each bottle and tells a story about how Uwe Ehinger found the piece.

However, it’s not all about design. All parts are treated with a thin tin coating so that they don’t change the taste of the gin. You can enjoy the drink and at the end still be left with a great collectible.

The sad part is, Archeologist gin doesn’t come cheap. The first batch sold out quickly even though it rated at around $1,300. However, Uwe Ehinger plans on delivering a second and maybe a third batch. Keep your eyes peeled on Ehinger Kraftrad if you want a piece.


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