Everyone agrees water is good for you. Calm Drinks makes it even better by fortifying it with essential CBD. One sip, and your health and immunity receive a vital boost. 

One Sip. Ultimate Health Boost.

Health and immunity have become the two most precious assets in our current fight against the viral pandemic. Calm Drinks Sparkling Water is the latest shield to defend ourselves from the unseen enemy.

The drink serves you 10mg of CBD, in addition to other essential vitamins and minerals. You will find the taste refreshing with zesty orange added to the mix. All the vegans out there can breathe easy as there are no animal products used.  

One sip and your entire body receives a vital charge; right from your metabolism to your eyesight to your skin, and more. Thiamin, riboflavin, and calcium play starring roles. 

Body. Mind. Soul.

Calm Drinks Sparkling Walter is loaded with health and immunity. When your body is energised, your mind is more focused. When the body and mind are in sync, your soul feels at peace. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, pop open a can of the sparkling water.

Calm Drinks Sparkling Water retails for $2.46 per can. Check their website for fresh stock.