Disclaimer: HisPotion worked with our friends at Tequila Don Julio to write this post

Tequila – Not a Walk in The Park

Alcohol creation is one of the more delicate arts out there. Tequila, the Mexican distilled beverage we came to love is no different. Made from the blue agave plants, the process of planting, tending, and harvesting the agave plant remains a manual effort, largely unchanged by modern farm machinery and relying on centuries-old know-how. The men who harvest it, the jimadores, have intimate knowledge of how the plants should be cultivated, passed down from generation to generation.


Don Julio and the Empire

Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada, born in 1925 started his Tequila empire at a young age by working hard and insisting on a quality product. The rest is history. The video below shows a quick explanation of his background:

Instead of talking about the growth and success of the brand, they took the story back to it’s roots. By showing us how it all started and the motivation behind the brand, it’s much easier to connect with.

The way Don Julio González was portrayed himself was interesting, showing the passion behind his empire. Putting PR aside, it’s easy to see he’s a man of principle and no-BS attitude, something I’m sure has helped him within his business life.

The Product

Don Julio is one of the largest Tequila brands in the United States. They have a few several products, as seen below.


Passion, The Common Denominator

The way Don Julio González talked about his product and the process reminded me a lot of other similar founders out there. You can find the same passion coming out of the the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and and other self-made business tycoons.

It made me think of my own personal past, the way I thought when I opened my first venture. As we all know, most big successes are probably associated with a passionate founder and someone who is looking to change the world, not necessarily just for money, but to leave a footprint on this world even after we’re 6 feet under.

Have you ever felt this passionate about your own projects before? Share your story in the comments below.

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