Uuni launched 4 years ago their portable oven. It was well received by the international community and generated positive feedback. Now, the company took the next step towards improving their line of products. The Uuni Pro is launched to the market.

Unlike it’s portable version, Uuni Pro is larger and sturdier, and you can’t carry it around unless you have a pickup truck. On the other hand, it offers twice the grilling and cooking surface of his little portable sibling. Furthermore, Uuni pro runs on four types of fuel: gas, charcoal, pellets and large pieces of wood.

A patent pending pizza door accompanies the oven. Optionally, you can choose the full door and pellet burner, which ensures a more even burn. The IndieGOGO campaign for Uuni Pro just ended. However, the team expects to start selling the product around Fall 2017 for a retail price of $699.