Sometimes, life just unveils something so magical, it brings a tear to even the strongest of adults. This happens to be just one scenario. One of the greatest pleasures of man is easily the alcoholic beverage of beer. However, there are many who desire the ability to brew the drink┬ábut don’t have the full capabilities to do so. As a result, instead of spending a ton of money brewing up your own run of beer, a company finally discovered a way to brew a cup of beer at your leisure. Now it seems like your Keurig really can do anything.

Keurig is teaming up with Anheuser-Busch to create an awesome new product. The two companies are currently in the process of conceiving a machine to brew single cups of the liquid. At the same time, they’ve also expressed hopes to develop machines that can create other drinks such as cocktails, mixer, and more! For the time being, this design is still just a dream. But it might become true sooner than we thought!