For over a century, Toblerone’s iconic logo has been a familiar sight to chocolate lovers around the world. The distinctive triangular shape and bold lettering have been synonymous with Swiss chocolate excellence, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the old design. Toblerone has announced that they are giving their classic treat a new look, and it’s set to be an exciting change for fans of the brand.

Farewell, Toblerone Logo!

The Toblerone logo has been an iconic symbol of quality chocolate for generations, so it’s no surprise that news of its retirement has caused a bit of a stir. The triangular shape of the Toblerone bar is instantly recognizable, and the bold red lettering has become a signature of the brand. However, the company has decided that it’s time to give the packaging a fresh new look, and that means saying goodbye to the old logo.

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New Look for Classic Treat

So, what can we expect from the new Toblerone packaging? Well, the company has revealed that they will be keeping the triangular shape of the bar, but the packaging will feature a new design with a more modern look. The bold red lettering will also be updated, with a sleeker and more contemporary font. The overall effect will be a fresh and exciting new look for a classic treat.

Exciting Changes on the Horizon

The new Toblerone packaging is just one part of exciting changes on the horizon for the brand. Toblerone has already expanded their product range to include new flavors and sizes, and they have plans for even more exciting developments in the future. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Toblerone is set to remain a beloved treat for generations to come.

Although it’s always tough to say goodbye to an iconic logo, the new Toblerone packaging is sure to be a hit with chocolate lovers around the world. With a fresh and modern look, Toblerone is ready to take on the next century of chocolate excellence. So, stock up on your favorite flavor and get ready to enjoy the new and improved Toblerone experience!

Source: LadBible