[adsense300gray]The Aero Ti chopsticks are the next generation when it comes to eating Chinese food. These are the high tech version of your regular, wooden/plastic chopsticks, made of solid titanium  in order to deal with the harsh environment represented by Asian cuisine. I’m kidding, of course, I love Chinese food.

Beside the exotic material used in their construction, I mean common, this is the stuff supersonic aircrafts are made of, the Aero Ti chopsticks feature a futurist design.

Their creators took the ancient appearance of the humble chopstick and projected it into  the 21st century. The regular chopsticks used in restaurants or households feature a round, sometimes octagon shaped section, these titanium made ultra high tech ninja ones are made to be used by anyone who is not an expert in Chinese arts. This is made possible by using a wing like skeleton structure, which makes them easy to use and also provides a better grip.

Their surface has a brushed metal finish, they are 24 centimeters long and weigh 45.5 grams (in metric, in case you’re wondering).

When put together on the table, they look like a dagger, and this will surely impress your house guests. Titanium was used because it’s rust resistant and is twice as light as stainless steel.

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