Gin is a fascinating beverage category becoming more peculiar with each passing year. There are, however, a few gin brands that have become tried and true favorites. These are the bottles you can bank on for a fantastic gin and tonic – and a variety of other cocktails, and they’re easy to come by.

While Beefeater and Tanqueray are among the most famous dry gins, other brands are too. Hayman’s Old Tom Gin and Bols Genever are still familiar. Bombay and Hendrick’s are two newer stars on the liquor market. So here is a comparison between these two to help you see what’s best for you.


The origins of Bombay Sapphire may be traced back to Thomas Dakin’s Warrington Gin, which was rebranded and marketed as Bombay Original in the 1950s. Bombay Original was reformulated thirty years later with the addition of two botanicals to create what is now known as Bombay Sapphire.

Bombay Sapphire


Hendrick’s – is the youngest of the group – and has been made in the coastal town of Girvan, Scotland, since 1999. Lesley Gracie, a master distiller, devised the formula and has overseen it ever since.


Bombay Sapphire and Hendricks Gin

Hendrick’s gin tonic and Bombay Sapphire gin tonic are two excellent drinks made with licorice and lime.

Dark brown with a hint of sapphire blue

The classic juniper gets combined with Bulgarian rose and cucumber in Hendrick’s gin. This gin gets packaged in a dark brown pharmaceutical bottle. A robust gin makes a unique gift when combined with Bombay Sapphire. Its sapphire blue bottle – Bombay Sapphire – is the polar opposite of Hendrick’s. Bombay Sapphire gets made with eleven spices chosen for this gin. These Bombay Sapphire botanicals, combined with juniper berries, create a complex gin with a delicate taste.

Unique presents with opulent wrapping’s shipments are unique because of their luxurious wooden packing. This box is a present with a story since it contains two varieties of gin. You will get successful – with this package, whether you buy it as a pleasant birthday present or as a premium corporate gift.


Bacardi’s Bombay Sapphire landed second, with global revenue of 4.7 million cases in 2019. Moreover, Tanqueray, owned by Diageo, came in third with 4.5 million cases sold. And with 1.4 million cases sold, William Grant & Sons’ Hendrick’s finished in eighth.

Hendrick’s and Bombay Sapphire both make great Gimlets. Thus employing a complex-tasting spirit like Bombay in a cocktail – the taste profile might become perplexing. The impression is that it’s not a clash like milk and orange juice, but rather an overflow that confuses your taste senses. It gets referred to as “flavor warring.” While Bombay’s subtlety is well-appreciated when consumed straight, it succumbs to flavor warring in a Gimlet drink more than Hendrick’s.

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