In the last fifty years or so we have gotten into a really bad habit of drinking all sorts of beverages from non-natural materials, like plastic. Often it is disposable plastic or paper cups and by using them we are damaging our environment and creating massive amounts of trash. It is bad for the planet and it is bad for us.  Ancient cultures all over the world have been using natural materials for their drinking vessels and for storing food, oil and wine, so why wouldn’t we take a cue from them and do the same thing? The closer you are to nature the healthier you will be, that is the basic truth of life.


People who came up with the idea for a stone cup for the modern world got their inspiration from fresh spring water. As it is earth’s best water and it comes filtered through miles and miles of rock, bubbles up to the surface, being as hot or as cold as the stone that carried it there. And so the creators of this amazing cup decided to make a cup from the same stone, taken from depths of the earth, and to give you the best possible drinking experience.


The liquid you pour in the cup stays cool or hot for a longer time, depending what you prefer. You can heat up your cup in the oven and pour tea in it, go for a walk outside in the winter time and have your tea keep you warm. Or you can cool off your cup in the fridge, pour some cool lemonade and chill in the afternoon sun of the summer.


The cups itself are artisan-milled from blocks of black marble and no two cups are the same. The basic package is two 10 centimeter high cups. The only thing that could get you to think whether to by this cup or not is the price, as it is a bit steep. But thinking of how long the cups would last may sway your thinking.