The Great British Pie Off is always full of surprises, but this year’s competition truly took the cake, or rather, the pie! With an unexpected winner causing controversy, dessert pie was declared the reigning champion of the competition. Here’s a breakdown of the sweet victory and the controversial decisions that sparked debate.

Sweet Victory: The Great British Pie Off’s Dessert Pie Reigns Supreme!

The competition was fierce, with bakers from all over the country showcasing their most delicious and creative pies. But in the end, it was a dessert pie that stole the show. The winning pie, a luscious combination of blackberries and apples, topped with a golden crumble, was a true crowd-pleaser. Judges raved about its perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, as well as its buttery, flaky crust. It’s safe to say that this year’s Great British Pie Off was a true triumph for dessert lovers everywhere.

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Controversial Decisions: The Great British Pie Off Stirs Up Debate with Surprising Winner!

While the dessert pie may have won the hearts of the judges and the audience, not everyone was pleased with its victory. Some argued that a savory pie should have taken the crown, citing flavors like steak and ale or chicken and mushroom as more deserving contenders. Others took issue with the fact that the winning pie was a crumble-topped pie, rather than a traditional pastry crust pie. Despite the controversy, it’s clear that the dessert pie had something special that resonated with the judges, making it a worthy winner in their eyes.

In the end, whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory pies, it’s hard to deny the skill and talent that goes into creating a perfect pie. The Great British Pie Off continues to be a celebration of this beloved British tradition, and this year’s competition was no exception. With a dessert pie taking the top prize, all we can say is that we can’t wait to see what surprises next year’s competition will bring.

Source: LadBible