It is no secret that bourbon and BBQ are a match made in heaven. Yet it took until 2015 for a pitmaster to produce their very own bourbon brand. Carey Bingle released the very first Peg Leg Porker half a decade ago. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sweet Taste Of Success

The Peg Leg Porker is the bourbon to have down south. Having won taste awards, the brand is now launching its most exclusive bottle. The 15 year-old Tennessee Straight promises to be a fine blend of sophistication and taste.

Just like his BBQs, pitmaster Carey has added his signature flavour to the new release. What makes the smokey bourbon even more of a connoisseur’s item is its limited release. The Tennessee Straight will release only 2,500 bottles each year. Each one of them will probably fly off the shelf before you can say Tennessee.

Brand New Bottle

They say never judge a bourbon by its bottle. This time, we are making an exception.

The 15-year Reserve is simply beautiful to look at: The rich-coloured bourbon sits in a clear case, marked with the famous pig logo. A touch of style is added with the stopper that is topped with a metal pig.

The Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight retails for $400.


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