Olive oil has been in use since the birth of civilisation. People have used it for a lot more things than cooking, like making soap and filling oil lamps. Today it is the preferred oil in almost every household in the world. You might think that sunflower oil is on the first place, but it isn’t even in top three. There are many types and they differ based on the quality of the olives and the way it was pressed and produced. Some of them are a good choice for salads and some are best used in grilling vegetables and meat.

Oil dispensers are usually a thing people don’t think about that much, but if you think a bit more about this, owning an oil dispenser like the Vremi can make your life a lot easier. The standard and most common oil dispenser is the simple bottle with a spout – but this one is somewhat different.

A transparent measuring scale lets you know how much oil you are about to use – no need for different measuring cups or spoons, from now on you will have less dishes to wash. You can see a rubber „pump button” on both sides of the bottle that lets you fill the measuring segment in little quantities. You can read the measurement in teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters.

The spout includes a „no-drip” system, so you don’t have to worry about spilling oil or have it burn on your stove if you miss the pot of the pan. Of course, this dispenser will work well with other sorts of oils and vinegar. If you aren’t particular to olive oil don’t let this spot you, use it with the liquid you prefer. The modern lines of the glass bottle will look good in any kitchen and you can be sure that your friends will start asking: „Where did you get that?”

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