[adsense300gray]If you enjoy having a drink at home from time to time (or even daily), I bet that you’ll be interested by a new cool invention, the Swizzlecicles. It comes to save your drink from being diluted by ice, therefore “ruined”, when you want to cool your beverage.

The Swizzlecicles are practically some sticks made from food grade stainless steel that are filled with freezer gel and have double sided walls. You just have to leave them in the freezer for 4 or 5 hours and, after that, they’re good to go. I mean stir through your drink, cooling it down.

With the Swizzlecicles, you can say goodbye to ice and to the annoying moments when you’re out and you’re stuck with a bunch of drinks that need to be chilled. Also, having these wonder-sticks means that your drinks can be enjoyed at their best, without being diluted – let’s be serious, water isn’t a welcomed guest when you want to have a delight in drinking your favorite cocktail.

Another advantage of having these cute-looking sticks is that you can carry them with you in a trip, for example. All you need is a freezer and you can say goodbye to the need of getting ice.