As soon as that light brown liquid hits your tongue, a familiar, burning sensation occurs. It spreads across the inside of your mouth, making you fight back that tear as you swallow. Liquor and alcohol have been synonymous with Earth’s culture for as far back as anyone can remember. As a result, Everyone from Cowboys to Celebrities to Secret Agents is seen with drinks of their own choice.

One of the most Iconic drinks that are available is by and large Bourbon. Started in Bourbon County, Kentucky, the drink has long been recognized for its flavor. Finally recognized in 1964 for its American values, „Corn Liquor” depends on its aging process to help it gain its Amber Color and hearty taste. So of course, several name brands have popped up to meet the challenge of American Consumerism.

One familiar face on the market is Rebel Yell’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Rebel Yell has been producing Liquor since 1849 and has been keeping in line with their values for over 150 years. The 80 proof bottles contain delicious flavors of corn, wheat, and malt to help deliver a delicious taste.

It includes honey and butter, tiny hints of plum and raisins to show your taste buds an amazing time. Also, just to help out the individuals that aren’t quite liquor aficionados, they’ve included a list of recipes that help show the Bourbon’s best sides.

Bourbon can be harsh, but in a world that is so filled with frustrations, it’s understandable. The smooth taste of Rebel Yell’s Kentucky can help warm you when you are cold. They stand for keeping the tradition alive, a value that should be more than supported.

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