Good barbecues are not simply made of perfectly grilled meat. They come in package with the company of one’s family or friends, a nice day in full relax mood and a list of things not to worry about. It’s a mixture nonetheless, nobody has a standard recipe for that. So as far as we are concerned, it is impossible to tell you what makes a perfect barbecue or picnic, and it would be unreasonable for us to think that we can. But be sure we can tell you what can ruin such an occasion: having nothing cool to drink. If it’s 100 degrees outside the only thing that matters is finding a spot to hide and to enjoy a well maintained cold beverage, be it as it is: beer, coke, ice tea, you name it.


While the word beverage is very well covered in your head by now, the other ones, „maintained cold” might still seem in uncertainty. This has to happen no more, because Corkcile has come up with the idea of a sliding device to be attached to your drink can. Being made vacuum sealed and using a double walled stainless steel, it can fit up most of the 12 ounce drink cans, keeping them freezing cold for you to take pleasure in the rest of the day’s activities. It’s very reliable, as it can keep the liquids inside cold for up to three hours, so you never have to deal with lukewarm drinks and sweaty cans never again. Try it yourself, get accustomed to it, and be never disappointed.