If you love the tasty, juicy food that you only enjoy at a barbecue, check out this great piece of work by R. S. Barcelona: the Mon Oncle. At first glance, you’ll be wondering what does an elegant briefcase have to do with a barbecue. Well, when opening this vintage looking piece, a portable tabletop barbecue will be revealed, inviting you to take it out on your balcony, your garden or at a picnic and start cooking.

[adsense300gray]Mon Oncle features a clever design and has perforated little holes for enabling the air to flow, thus being more powerful while preventing overheating. The package is available in three color tones: black, blue and green. The barbecue is made from stainless steel and is covered with fire resistant and polyester paint. The other piece that completes the whole package is a fabric and leather handle. The barbecue measures 44 x 32 x 12 cm.

Mon Oncle Barbecue

Mon Oncle Barbecue 2


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