It’s official, humanity grows rampant in its search for convenience. Cooking at one point required a lot of time an effort, it was something that took a while and made a mess. But instead, humanity has become lazy. While many things can be easily replaced, cooking process surely shouldn’t be one. A perfect example of this is the Levo oil Infuser.

Infusing flavors in food doesn’t really take that much effort, but you can easily replace that with the infuser. It uses a heat process to help soak the food properly. Instead of making a huge mess and what-not, it also simplifies the clean-up process.

Simply throw this bad boy into the dishwasher and call it good. So they took something that already isn’t difficult or time-consuming and automated it. Now there’s certainly no bad side to making things more convenient. But if you can’t infuse flavors into food as it is…what’s the point of automating it?