Despite the fact that there are many forms of classical glasses taken as the standard, designers were not impressed and decided to add novelty to wine tasting. We had a look into the beautiful but small world of wine glasses, and we selected 11 best and most unconventional of them.

Oenophilia Porto Sippers

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A modernized version of the glasses that were used in Europe in the 17th century. Unlike the medieval ones, these modern sippers are not made of ceramics but of glass. They feature a special form consisting of a main bowl and a tube. The Oenophilia Sippers are designed for liqueurs, port and dessert wines.


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This glass was designed specifically for picnics and events at which you need disposable dishes. Its lid design prevents spills on choppy waters or while carting down the golf course. The sliding top lid keeps bugs and dirt from getting in your wine while relaxing at the beach or in the garden.


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Trevi combines the function of a glass with an aerator. Inside the main glass there’s an embedded miniature glass with 9 holes, allowing the wine to saturate with oxygen. In addition to the functionality, it also has a very effective design.


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Tipsy glasses went to the classic form, but the designers only slightly corrected the angle of the bowl. It changed the way that the cup looks – a little to the side, creating the illusion that the contents of the glass can affect not only the state of the taster.

Sillicone Wine Glasses

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These do not take up much space, and before you pack the glasses in the bag, designers recommend to just crush them. So you guessed their best utility by now. When it’s time to uncork that special bottle of wine, these stylish cups pop right back into shape.


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Designer Martin Jacobsen moved the leg of the glass from a vertical position to horizontal  and changed the shape of one of the walls, making it flat. Despite the design it is very easy both to pour and drink from rEvolution. It can also be used for cognac.

The Original RedNek 

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This hilarious wine glass is the perfect gift. Made of glass, it is a mason jar turned wine glass with a stem. Each RedNek Wine Glass comes with a die-cut gift box.


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Apparently, the designers behind the Meld Wine Glass didn’t think so much about the taste of wine, but about how comfortable it is to hold a glass in your hand. A characteristic feature of the glass – the recesses for the fingers. This little innovation can also help change the temperature of the wine. The shape of the glasses are slightly different from one to another as each of them is blown by hand.


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An hourglass built in your wine glass. Before you start the tasting process, you must flip it to start the clock. The sand timer is ‘set’ to 10 minutes.

Glass Tank 

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Japanese designer Coaches Okamoto joined a wine glass with a wine vessel. As the amount in the drinking glass decreases, a controlled amount is poured from the vessel refilling the glass. The liquid never overflows due to the air and water pressure. Pretty smart!