I don’t usually go the extra mile when cooking. If it looks edible and tastes halfway decent, it will do the trick. On the other hand, I will always fancy a properly set barbecue. The smell of grilled meat turns me on. Thus, the ASA-D2 outdoor kitchen really gets my attention.

This outdoor kitchen is branded by Brown Jordan. The construction relies on an aluminum structure combined with stainless steel plating. The combination will successfully resist against rain or other weather conditions.  A Dekton countertop offers even more strength to the system.

Let’s get to the part that really matters for us, guys: the barbecue. Meat is sizzling on a Caliber BBQ with a Crossfire flame technology. There is shelving on all sides of the unit. Basically, you can run round to fully use the space put at your disposal.

Finally, the Brown Jordan ASA-D2 outdoor kitchen isn’t just useful; it also looks amazing on your front porch or garden.