SelvaRey Rum by Bruno Mars is the sexiest Rum to exist. Bruno wanted to create a sexy sensation of flavor similar to his music and rhythm. As he is a party animal it is sure he loves to get the party going which makes his rum brand-appropriate to his personality.

Starting in 2014, Bruno Mars was sure this business will take off as soon as it started. He also mentioned he wants it to be as „fun” as his music is. Starting up in the rum business, Bruno is now more than just a performer but now also an entrepreneur.

The three rum flavors are White, Chocolate, and Coconut. The white rum has flavors of vanilla, key lime pie, citrus, and pineapple, while the chocolate rum has flavors of toffee, cardamom, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. The coconut flavor is deemed to taste smooth and silky. It has a very distinctive fresh coconut taste.

This is not the first or last celebrity to be in the alcohol business. Believe it or not many other celebrities have their name plastered on famous liquor bottles and brands. For example, Ryan Renolds actually owns Aviation American Gin. As an „American dry gin,” it has a milder juniper flavor than certain other gins, as indicated by the name.

Each SelvaRey bottle on its own is about $40 each. This is a great price for its amazing and delicate taste. With flavors of baked apple, dried apricot, baking spice, and flambéed pears. This is a combination of rums are aged between 15 and 25 years. Mars created the cocktail combinations and the packaging, including the label, bottle, and gift box.

When Mars returned to Sin City for the second „An Evening with Silk Sonic” engagement at Park MGM, fans would receive the complete SelvaRey experience. Most tickets started at $183. The cocktail menu at the bar featured SelvaRey-infused drinks including the conventional Daiquiri,  Pina Coladas, and a new take on the Black ‘n’ Stormy that substitutes ale for the typical ginger beer and dark rum.