Some may not agree with the following statement: great whiskey is served in a great glass only. As a man, you know the importance of enjoying a drink not only through the taste. The way it smells, feels and also looks accounts for the overall quality of any spirit drink.

Maybe a heavy jug will do it when it comes to beer. However, whiskey is different and should be consumed different. Mix in a classy, rugged, manly design with the .308 bullet proof whiskey glass. Yes, that’s an actual bullet fitted inside the glass wall.

Of course, the bullet is harmless and can’t be detonated. However, it’s nonetheless cool.

So, why the „bulletproof” design? As the designer of the whiskey glass puts it, whiskey is drank and not shot. We tend to agree; enjoying a whiskey is a completely different experience from dropping countless shots and missing on the flavor, smell and texture.

If you take a moment to enjoy a drink, you might as well go all the way and do it from a beautifully crafted glass. And after all, why would you want to take a shot out of a rocks glass? Remember, having a great glass makes and lets you enjoy the drink. The bulletproof glass is dishwasher safe.

More of a wine-type of guy?

Wine comes in even more diverse than whiskey. The texture, smell and alcohol concentration takes you into a completely different area. If so, you way want to have a look at the 50-cal bottle corkscrew ($17).

The BMG round is mostly known for its ability to hit targets at very large distances when shot from long-range sniper rifles. Measuring roughly 7″ in length, the bullet will provide just the right mechanical advantage to open your favorite bottle of Chardonnay.