Smoking cigars is cool. It’s an activity usually performed by the posh, so if you’re trying to improve your image, it’s definitely something to consider starting. But before running to the store with your wallet, there’s a few things you need to know. Fail to implement and you could risk embarrassing yourself.

1. Buying the cigar

It might sound simple enough, but smoking cigars is a very easy process to screw up. Especially if it’s your first time, as you’re still not sure what you like. It’s smart to buy a few at a time, to get some diversity. I would suggest starting on the „mild” ones. We don’t want you getting scared away, right? And the most important tip – don’t go crazy with your cash!  Start with the moderate ones, because it’s not the time to show off yet as a beginner. You can buy a quality cigar for under $10.

2. Cutting the cigar

OK – so you’ve bought your cigar. Now what? Cigars arrive sealed. To smoke them, you need to cut off one side. Amateurs’ would try this with a knife, scissors, or god forbid, your teeth. The horror. You’ll need a professional cigar cutter to do the job. The right way to open is without distorting the shape of the cigar.
Mammoth Tusk Cigar Cutter

3. Lighting the cigar

So, we got the cigar nice and cut, let’s start having fun! You need to pay attention to which lighter you use. Yes, even this is different with cigars. Some lighters gas can taint the taste of the cigar so make sure you use matches or butane gas lighters.

4. Holding the cigar

We’re almost there. The coolest way to smoke cigars is actually not to smoke. I’ll explain… Hold the cigar with your fingers for a few moments. Then take a puff and enjoy. It shouldn’t stay in your mouth for too long.
Holding the cigar

5. Smoking the cigar

Yeah, take a puff. That’s good. Don’t inhale to your lungs, but rather let the smoke fill your mouth and swirl around. Take a sip of some whiskey and act sophisticated.
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