[adsense300gray]If you’re the party animal kind of person and end up consuming a little too much alcohol – don’t we all, at sometime ? – imagine the following situation: before drinking, you planned/knew you were going home or at some other place after you’ve had enough of partying. Well, I don’t know about you, but I met a few people that managed to get so drunk , that they couldn’t spell out their address when taking a cab or when someone offered to give them a lift. Yeah, it was that bad. But, hey, you don’t need to have a drinking problem to reach that nasty condition, some people just don’t know when to stop and also don’t know how to drink (the usual excuse of „pro” drinkers, practice makes perfect).

Well, here’s a funny thing that can be really useful for some of you: the “Dear Cab Driver Cocktail Bar Napkin”. Yes, indeed, someone actually thought about this issue and invented a new breed of napkins that have this formula on them: “Dear Cab Driver, Please take me home to:” and “Look for cash in:”, leaving some space for you to fill in your address and where you keep your money (assuming you didn’t spend them all on beer and women).
It’s pretty funny if you think about such an idea, but would you actually use some of those ?

Dear Cab Driver Cocktail Bar Napkin