Finally! The Morphsuit Will Turn You Into an Invisible Man!

Being developed for the past 3 years in secret labs behind closed doors, The Invisible Morphsuit is here and ready to turn you into the invisible man! It combines advanced image protection and new age bending technology to give you total invisibility once you put it on! So yea, basically all of your dreams came true today, and even though it only costs  $1600, you were pretty much ready to pay anything for it, I know. Stop making plans you perv, it’s just an April … continue reading

$1600 Buy

The Life Tech Jacket By Kolon Sport

The guys from design studio Seymourpowell have “conceived” a jacket that really knows no rivals when speaking about extreme weather conditions. The Life Tech smart jacket was designed for Kolon Sport, an outdoor sportswear brand, and is going to be your best friend when you’re facing harsh times and Mother Nature decides to punch you with some nasty weather conditions. The Life Tech is the brainchild of several survival experts such as a Polar Explorer, ski guides and mountaineers. continue reading

$1870 Buy

The Vamoose Jacket & Rucksack

There’s been a trend lately when it comes to creating convertible and multifunctional backpacks and the Vamoose Jacket is yet another brick in the wall, sort of speak. Because, with one of these babies, you get two for the price of one. I mean, the Vamoose is originally a waterproof jacket, but it can be turned into a day pack with a flick of a switch. Actually, it’s a little bit more complicated than flicking a switch, but you got the idea, I hope. Made … continue reading

$470 Buy

Ledge: The Stainproof Pants

Pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of stainproof pants! Even though the Kickstarter funding period has ended recently, you can rest assured that it was funded and these pants will become reality sooner than you think. More durable than jeans and stain repellent? Sign us up for a few pairs. Not to mention that they’re so versatile they can be worn at the office as well as out on hiking trips. The risk of spilling coffee on yourself on a Monday morning at the office is as high … continue reading

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A Guide To The Jacket Season

Parka A Guide To The Jacket Season

Like many wardrobe items nowadays, the parka jacket was once part of a military uniform – comfortable and functional. Comfortable and functional, they were developed in the early 1950s for U.S. Air Force and Marines.  But in fact, the origin of this jacket is much more ancient - the nomadic people of the northern Russia used it for warm long jackets. In their language, parka means “animal skin”.

Zegna Sport Icon Jacket

One of the latest and greatest additions to the area which combines technology with style and utility is the Icon jacket from Zenga. You wouldn’t expect something tech-related coming from an Italian luxury fashion designer, but here it is to simplify your daily actions, besides protecting you from rain or wind and making you look stylish. So, what’s so special about it ? Well, the Icon jacket features Bluetooth support and has a joystick pad on one of its sleeves, thus enabling you to control … continue reading

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Have No Fear With The Shark Suit

If you’re planning a trip to Australia or to a place where you can go surfing and snorkeling, but you have some serious concerns about the possibility of becoming the main course at a shark’s dinner, well, I have a Shark Suit made just for you! Think I’m kidding? Stick around and check this out. The researchers from the Ocean Institute, at the University of Western Australia, among with the guys from the Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, have been busy little bees and apparently found … continue reading

$392 Buy

Alexander Wang Exclusive Collection

If you were looking for an athletic yet refined style, with casual and minimalistic undertones, then you have clicked on the right link, because the Alexander Wang for MR PORTER exclusive collection is all that and more. From leather and wool bomber jackets (that cost around $1300) to contrast-sleeve cotton shirts (around $330), this line is perfect for the man who respects himself and the quality of his clothes, for these items will not go out of fashion or start showing signs of fatigue. Call … continue reading

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