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Communicating Traveller T-Shirt. Iconspeak, Can You?

A Contribution To The World It’s not easy being a traveller, especially if you don’t get to do it that much often. You know, we are all busy people in a busy world. So any helping hand lent to make your life easier is welcomed. Today, it’s coming in a, maybe, unexpected form, a communicating traveller T-shirt. What is, more … continue reading

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Triple Aught Stealth Jacket LT

Looking for a new jacket to endure any activity? Look no further. Take on every season with Triple Aught Design’s Stealth Jacket LT. The San-Francisco based outdoor brand have developed a rugged, soft-shell that really can conquer all. Whether you’re hiking, snowboarding or off for a brisk walk in an even brisker breeze, this rugged soft-shell has you covered. Pun intended. Stylish … continue reading

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Barney Stinson Legendary Suitjamas

  Although we are all still bitter over the “How I Met Your Mother” show ending we need to put that aside for a minute and remember the character of Barney Stinson because he had style in abundance. Inspired by his immaculate sartorial sense Suitjamas were created. It was back in 2009 that an episode aired in which Barney claimed … continue reading

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Isaora Sportswear

Parkour is a training discipline that tries to use the most efficient and the fastest way possible to get over obstacles of any kind and the latest Isaora Sportwear collection has this in mind. The practitioners of this urban sport usually do lots of running, jumping and rolling around so they need something that is durable but also looks good … continue reading

Mardi Gras Men’s Tee Shirt

February has begun and Mardi Gras and the carnival season is in a few weeks. Hit the streets, go on a few parades, have the time of your life. Turn Up! The best time to be in New Orleans is during the famous Mardi Gras, so you might as well look your best. These tee shirts have the three traditional colors … continue reading

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ODO Delivers The Self-Cleaning Jeans

Self-Cleaning Jeans, The Future Of Clothing Self-cleaning clothes are the future of clothing. Once they make the great breakthrough on the big markets, there will be no reason not to buy one. A Kickstarter project presents to us the self-cleaning jeans. They are manufactured by ODO. One thing I have to admit, they are not only very practical, they also … continue reading

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10 Jackets You’re Hoping You’ll Get For Christmas

What better gift could you ask for than one that warms your heart and your body? For the holiday season be sure to spread the word of your favorite jacket, in hopes of getting it for Christmas. In case you needed help with finding a few good jackets, here is our Top 10 suggestions that you can’t go wrong with. … continue reading

10 Dress Shirts You’re Hoping You’ll Get For Christmas

1. Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Micro-Square Shirt Look around your office right now. Lots of blue, right? Stand out with lavender, specifically of the wrinkle-free variety like this one. Purchase from Banana Republic for $79.50 2. Lacoste Plaid Poplin Woven Shirt We’ll spare you the flowery metaphors, but there’s not denying springtime is still all about pastels. If you’re not … continue reading

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets + Man = Awesome Combo I really like bomber jackets. I know you do too. I mean, they make everyone look cool, no matter the age or year. They’ve been around for some time now, and they still look fresh, the latest surge they received proves that. So let’s make this a starting point for our little story. … continue reading

5 Stylish Alternatives To Office Suits

Feeling special at work should be a primary concern in the modern world that the modern man lives in. Not at all in the girly kind of way, you have to be respected, you have to turn heads around when you walk in the office, you can’t be just that same guy that comes in, gets the job done and … continue reading

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