We help you define your style with cool clothing items, lists and tips. Here are the must haves of every man.

5 Sophisticated Ways To Wear Smart Casual Sweaters

Sweaters are my favorite piece of a male apparel. Wherever I go, I take at least one with me. They’re versatile, you can wear them on so many occasions, make them look good on you and let them give a meaning of your style. They are a borderline between the casual you and the full classy mode you. Let’s talk … continue reading

4 Winter Coats To Keep You Cozy

Winter is one of the best seasons for men, offering the chance to layer up, play with hues and shapes. The weather has definitely turned on us, so it’s time to update those wardrobes and add these coats to your collection for warmth and protection from the rain – the stylish way. Make sure that when you are buying a … continue reading

Prepare Yourself – Paxton Snorkle Jacket

Not sure where around the world you’re reading this from, but for us in the northern hemisphere, winter is among us. Having just survived a nasty storm, wanted to share some jackets I wish I had: Penfield Paxton Long Insulated Snorkle Jacket The jacket goes for $310 at EastDane And if you’re from a warmer country, maybe this jacket is … continue reading

EastDane 5 Day Discount

We know our readers on HisPotion are style sensitive. We wanted to share a special promotion EastDane is doing the next few days: it’s 25% off the whole store (most products). They provide a great selection of clothing and shoes, so should find most products there.

10 Jackets For Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching and as these cold winds and harsh bouts of snow assault your hands and face, we know you’re going to be thinking about the necessary gear needed to keep you warm. We’ve offered up several winter clothing suggestions that do a great job of protecting you from the harsh cold. We have arrived at a … continue reading

Get Back to Business in Style

We’ve come up with two wear to work outfits. Whether you’re more into business outfits or more relaxed, casual ones, we’ve got them covered.

Baubax Is The Next Gen Travel Jacket

When a regular hoodie just won’t cut it, Baubax might be the ideal solution for traveling long distances either by bus, train or managing to keep yourself dry through a rainy day. It has so many pockets that it is honestly hard to know what to start with. Beginning from the neck and going down, the first one to notice … continue reading

$149 Buy

10 Pieces From Designers Behind New York Fashion Week

In preparation for New York Fashion Week, we caught up with three NY based fashion influencers to talk wardrobe essentials and why simplicity always wins. Here are some brands behind NY fashion week, in collaboration with East Dane.

Cool Shorts and Slip-Ons For A Successful Summer

Summer’s here, time to stay outside more than you do inside! That means you need comfortable and cool clothes as you’ll walk more, talk more and meet more people. We’re gathered some cool shorts and paired them with sneakers or slip-ons so you’ll be both comfortable and stylish.

10 Short Sleeve Shirts For Summer 2015

Floral print is in great demand these days, and it is for a good reason – it looks pretty cool. But try to keep other items from your outfit in as few colors as possible – just check out the outfits next to each of these essential short sleeve shirts. Even if floral shirts are in high fashion this season, we’ve also included some more conservative shirts, so there’s a cool shirt for everyone in this list.

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