If you’re fully aware of your body you must definitely have to be a fitness gadgets addict, too. The smartest piece of clothing you could possibly wear is the newly released smart shirt, by the Canadian start-up Hexoskin, the Wearable Body Metrics Hexoskin. Available for both men and women, the Biometric shirt pushes your body’s physical evolution to the next level.
As its name fully implies, this shirt acts like an odometer, gently embracing your body like a second skin, employing textile sensors to help get you fit. Made from high performance Italian fabric, the Hexoskin is waterproof, very breathable it dries quickly, and does a good job regulating heat and wicking sweat.

Measuring any physical activities from aerobics to yoga through a small Bluetooth device which is connected to the fabric sensors and placed in the shirt’s built in side pocket, all data syncs to an app — iOS and Android — via Bluetooth, or to an online dashboard that can be monitored by a remote coach or trainer in real time. During the day, Hexoskin measures heart rate, heart-rate variability and recovery, step count, calories burned, respiration (breath rate), and a bewildering array of additional metrics including VO2 max, breathing volume, activity level, cadence.

[adsense300gray]At night, even if it may seem hard to sleep wearing Hexoskin, the shirt can track sleep and movement, including what position you’re snoozing in, and additional cardiac and respiratory activity. Though you have to carry your phone with you, in order to keep real-time track of your workout, Hexoskin provides you comprehensive data at the highest level, acting like a personal workout assistant, sophisticatedly managing each training for the serious athletes.